ALUMESS.optic | System description

Explanation of the ALUMESS.optic fixture system for optical CMMs and measuring projectors

The ALUMESS.optic system is an universal and extremely flexible clamping and fixturing system for optical coordinate measuring machines and measuring projectors. It can be used in both direct light and transmitted light and on multi-sensor machines for tactile measurement. With the guide slots in the basic rail and connector rail, the clamping frame is steplessly movable and scalable.

Compatible to: –  ALUMESS.maxx


  • Changeover in seconds
  • For direct and transmitted light
  • Palletizable

Main application

  • Optical and tactile measurement
  • Individual and series measurement
  • Optical CMMs and measuring projectors
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Mounting examples

Mounting example: Assembly in plug-in slot

Setup example ALUMESS.optic 1

Mounting example: Assembly on hole grid 20-M6

Setup example ALUMESS.optic 2

Mounting example: Assembly in guide slot

Setup example ALUMESS.optic 3