Centre-clamping vises and clamping solutions

Self-centering machine vises for precision workholding

Compact mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic as well as electro-mechanical centre-clamping vises in different sizes and assembly variations enable a precise machining of workpieces on the given symmetric and rotation axis.
Centre-clamping vises are used as the prime vise solution for production on conventional and CNC-machines.

Spreitzer centric clamping vices enable safe clamping of workpieces without pre-stamping, which saves time and money.
Through the use of short cutting tools and less vibration on the workpiece longer tool life can be achieved.
The machining time per piece can be reduced by higher metal removal.

Centre-clamping vises from SPREITZER offer

  • High clamping force/holding force
  • Clamping force acting both sides
  • Centric spindle bearing for uniform thermal expansion
  • High structural rigidity
  • Optimal guide ways
  • Optimal accessibility
  • Low jaw lifting
  • Universal clamping jaw interface
  • Mounting surface with fixing thread and locating holes
  • Simple cleaning
  • Robust, durable systems
  • Available jaw width 15 – 160 mm
  • Available overall length 50 – 500 mm

You are looking for a suitable clamping device for your application?

Below you can find clamping vises according to their mode of operation.
On the left side you can see which kind of clamping vise is suitable for your main applications.

centre-clamping vises

Mechanical self-centering vise MZR
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centre-clamping vises

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centre-clamping vises

Hydraulic self-centering vise HZS
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centre-clamping vises

Electromechanical self-centering vise EZC
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Clamping jaws
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