Mechanical double vise MDS

Mechanical double vise MDS

Double vise with fixed center jaw for precise machining of two workpieces to a defined fixed stop.

The double vise has an optimized, compact design and enables first and second operation in high quality.
Workpieces with different lengths up to 3 mm can be securely clamped.

Third hand function
The first workpiece is already held, while the second workpiece is fixed during further rotation of the spindle.

Mechanical double vise MDS


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Advantages at a glance

  • Material: modified steel surface hardened
  • Functional surface precision grinded
  • Hardened and grounded spindle
  • Ground-in and clearance-free adjusted base jaws

  • 100% encapsulated design
  • Highest repetition accuracy
  • Pairing accuracy 0,01 mm

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(2x mm)
width (mm)*
force (N)**
Order no. Wish
MDS 280-100280100100252 x 11550000B200500194
*  With soft block jaws (standard jaws)
** Clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the jaws.

Dimensions mechanical double vise MDS

Plan mechanical double vise MDS