Mechanical zero-point-system ZPS

Decrease set-up times and produce faster with our zero-point-system ZPS!

With the mechanical zero-point-system ZPS clamping devices like centre-clamping vises, self-centering vises, machine vises can be rapidly changed on the base unit.
The zero-point-clamping-system enables an increase in machine run-time and manufacturing quality.
The change of the clamping devices is done only by a central clamping screw.

Due to the flat design and the fixturing holes of the zero-point-system an universal mounting on the machine table or on fixturing devices is possible.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Quick set-up, conversion
  • Precise positioning 0.005 / 0.01 mm (depending on version)
  • Clamping tools and pallets can be indexed through 4 × 90°
  • High pull-in force, high holding force
  • Economic system

Our zero-point-system:

  • 4-point clamping unit ZPS
  • Interchangeable pallet WP
  • Clamping unit ZPS with indexing
  • Chucking spigot

4-point clamping units ZPS for a holding force up to 50 kN

Clamping units ZPS with indexing for a holding force up to 25 kN resp. 55 kN

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Mounting examples zero-point-system ZPS

Mounting examples zero-point-system ZPS

Mechanical zero-point-system ZPS with collet chuck, mechanical centre-clamping vise or three-jaw chuck.