Mechanical compact vises MSU

Mechanical compact vises MSU

The mechanical compact vises allow secure and precise clamping of workpieces to the defined fixed stop.
The extensive jaw program of reversible top jaws provides maximum flexibility and optimum accessibility especially on multi-axis machining centers.

The fixed jaws can be mounted on the vise body at two positions. Due to the variable step form of the reversible top jaws, a maximum clamping range can be covered.

Mechanical compact vise MSU


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Advantages at a glance

  • Compact design, maximum accessibility
  • Wide clamping range by reversible top jaws
  • Highest flexibility
  • Material: modified steel, surface hardened

  • Finish: functional surface precision grinded
  • Ground-in base jaws
  • Hardened spindle
  • Pairing accuracy 0,02 mm

Description mechanical compact vise MSU

Description mechanical compact vise MSU

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Type Length
(2x mm)
width (mm)*
force (N)
Order no.Wish
MSU 80-3680365938788000B204500001
MSU 170-60170601046813020000B204500003
MSU 220-802208011410018030000B204500005
MSU 280-10028010013912524040000B204500007
MSU 360-12536012517016231050000B204500009
* With reversible stepped jaws

Dimensions mechanical compact vise MSU

Plan mechanical compact vise MSU