Mechanical centre-clamping vises MZQ

Mechanical self-centering clamping vises MZQ

The centre-clamping vise series MZQ with quick change jaws enables replacement of the jaws within seconds.
They are designed specifically for use within pallet automation and for several times a day retooling the centre-clamping vises.

The reversible stepped jaws allow maximum accessibility even with short cutting tools.
Due to the stepped form of the reversible top jaws, the complete clamping range can be covered.

Mechanical self-centering vise MZQ


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Advantages at a glance

  • Changing jaws within seconds, without using tools
  • Over 80% less setup costs
  • Large clamping range due to reversible top jaws
  • Material: modified steel, surface hardened
  • Functional surfaces precision grinded

  • Hardened spindle
  • Ground-in base jaws
  • Centering accuracy ± 0,015 mm
  • Repetition accuracy 0,01 mm
  • Pairing accuracy 0,02 mm

360° view mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ 170-60

Description mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

Description centre-clamping vise MZQ

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(2x mm)
width (mm)*
force (N)**
Order no.Wish
MZQ 120-6012060902076 / 11030000B200500159
MZQ 150-60150801152598 / 14040000B200500208
MZQ 170-60170609045126 / 16030000B200500161
MZQ 190-1001901009030120 / 18050000B200500212
MZQ 220-802208011560168 / 21040000B200500163
MZQ 280-10028010014075210 / 27050000B200500165
* with reversible stepped jaws.
** Clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the jaws.

Dimensions mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

Plan mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

Customized self-centering vise MZQ

Mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ customized

System overview mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

System overview mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

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