Quick-change jaw system

Quick-change jaw system

Clamping jaws exchanged automatically

Within flexible manufacturing cells in the workpiece automation field, not only the workpieces loading and unloading is inevitably. Even the automated change of fixtures and clamping jaws is imperative for manless machining of a wide variety of workpieces.

Clamping jaw change within seconds

With our solutions, different clamping jaws can be securely changed automatically using industrial robots and grippers within seconds

Reliable and secure

The system works self-locking and is locked as well as unlocked without further mechanical operation.

Automated exchange of workpiece and clamping jaws within automation cells


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Advantages at a glance

  • System works without any further mechanical operation
  • Jaw exchange automatable
  • Clamping jaw change within seconds

  • Fully integrated system
  • Self-locking

Available for:

  • Hydraulic centre-clamping vise HZS 180-100 A
  • Hydraulic centre-clamping vise HZS 250-100 A
  • Hydraulic centre-clamping vise HZS 300-125 A
  • Electromechanical centre-clamping vise EZC 220-80
  • Electromechanical centre-clamping vise EZC 280-100

Further versions available on request.