Raw part clamping unit RS

Raw part clamping units RS

Mechanical raw parts clamping units are used on 5- and multi-axis machines.
You get a maximum degree of liberty due to the small dimension in combination with palletizing systems.

A maximum clamping force is attained by the back cut in the fix jaw and the clamping jaw.
An additional slot stone can be used for axial positioning.

Form cutters to prepare workpieces are available on request.

Working steps:

  1. Sawing raw material
  2. Machining dovetail contour
  3. Clamping raw material
Raw part clamping unit RS


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Advantages at a glance

  • Small disturbance range
  • Maximum access
  • Material: steel
  • Finish: hardened, black-finished

  • Only 3 – 5 mm clamping depth necessary
  • Clamping from outside to inside (external clamping)
  • Pairing accuracy 0,02 mm

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RS 6060604025258B202500001
RS 1001001005040408B202500002
Other sizes and assembly units upon request.

Dimensions raw part clamping unit RS

Plan raw part clamping unit RS