Modular clamping system

The Universal fixturing and clamping system

Base plate and clamping column with clamping modules

This clamping solution is a modular fixturing kit based on a system of holes offered with three different grid types.
Various basic, clamping and positioning elements can be mounted to devices adequate to the application case.

The Universal fixturing and clamping system is designed for the production of individual parts or small lots, with multiple clamping also for large batch production.
The possibility of reusing the elements guarantees a flexible and costeffective application of the Universal fixturing and clamping system.

Basic elements

Pallets with clamping column

The clamping column, clamping blocks and double sided clamping column are made out of cast iron and are extremely stable, warp resistant and vibration reducing.
In addition to this, there are base plates in different sizes in the delivery programme, which are made out of tempered and surface hardened steel.
The supporting and clamping areas of the basic elements are precision grinded.

Image: Pallets with clamping column

self-centering vise on clamping bridge

Different applications can be adapted individually to the machining table in questions.

Image: Mechanical centre-clamping vise MZS 120-60 type A on clamping bridge for multi-sited maching

Clamping and positioning elements

Base plates with clamping column

A number of clamping elements such as mechanical and hydraulic clamping blocks as well as stop blocks and side clamps, allow an unhindered clamping.
Different supports as well as adjustable stops allow the exact positioning on the basic elements.
Support blocks serve as support element and stabilize the work piece during the clamping process.

Image: Base plates with clamping column

Clamping bridges

Clamping bridge with centrical base plate

CNC indexing tables are used for 3- and 4- sided machining as optional 4th axis on vertical machining centres for the production of single parts and batch production. Through the mounting of a suitable clamping bridge on the CNC indexing table the 3- and 4-sided machining of more than one work piece can be achived in one machining cycle.
Different applications can be adapted individually to the machining table in questions.

Image: Clamping bridge with centrical base plate

Customized clamping plate on 5-axis machining center


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