Concentricity gages

Concentricity gages, concentricity gauges for precise runout inspection

Precise runout inspection. Within 10 seconds. Without prior knowledge.
Right next to the machine.

Reduces set-up and downtime of your expensive machine up to 80 %

Spreitzer concentricity gages offer high flexiblility, quick set-up time, high true running accuracy and are suitable for different geometries.

The concentricity gages are used for inspection tasks on external, internal and flat faces on rotating parts. Particularly, the concentricity of two or more diameters can be determined and axial run-out measurements performed.

The component is centrelessly mounted on three rollers, in type RPG, RPG AL, RPG mini and RPG micro.
The true running accuracy of the workpiece is 0.002 mm.
The robust design with pre-loaded roller bearings of the supporting rollers increases the longevity of the concentricity gage. Concentricity gauges are available in various sizes and designs to fit diameters from 0.8 till 240 mm.

In measurement technology the runout inspection takes a particularly important role.
A suitable measurement set-up and the corresponding precision of the concentricity gages are the basis for precise measurement.

Geometric tolerances

Coaxiality and concentricity deviation.
 Deviations related to a reference axis. About this axis rotates the workpiece when the toleranced feature is measured. Concentricity deviations caused by offset deviation, absense of coaxiality or roundness deviation.

Overview concentricity gages

Electronic probes, indicating instruments and software as well as accessories you will find in our catalogue.
Under “Downloads” are specific catalogues for Measurement computer for concentricity gages , SPC-software for concentricity gages and Concentricity gages RGPS.

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