Fixturing kit for measuring | testing

Universal fixturing and clamping kit

This Universal fixturing kit consists of different construction elements, which can be simply, quickliy and precisely assembled into measuring and testing applications.
It is therefore a modular and flexible solution with garanteed quality.
For the mounting of analogue and electronic measuring probes, various measuring holders and combinations are available.
All elements of the fixturing kit are manufactured with a high quality anticorrosion finish.

Universal fixturing and measurig kit


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Advantages at a glance

  • Grid pitch: 20 mm
  • Grid hole diameter: 10 H7
  • Clamping thread: M6 (M7)
  • Grid accuracy: +/- 0,01 mm

  • Full compatibility with the ALUMESS – fixturing system for CMMs
  • Simple, quick and precise
  • High quality, anticorrosion finish

Measurement fixtures

Multipoint measurement fixture

Multipoint measurement fixture

Single measurement fixture

Single measurement fixture