Product ranges according to our catalogues

 Product ranges
Custom-made fixtures
Custom-made clamping devices, welding jigs, grinding fixtures, measuring and testing fixtures, assembly devices and rotary joints
1Universal fixturing and clamping system
Modular fixturing kit for CNC machining centres
2Centre-clamping vises
Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and elektromechanical centre-clamping vises
2Stationary workholding
Mechanical, pneumatical, hydraulical clamping devices for the machine table
2Mechanical zero-point-system ZPS
for quick set-up of clamping devices
Pallet automation and workpiece automation for the manufacturing industry
3Multi-axis machining
Clamping bridges for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining on CNC machining centres
4Fixture kit for measuring and testing devices
Modular fixturing kit for measuring and testing tasks
5ALUMESS-fixturing systems
Modular fixtures for CMMs, for tactile and optical measuring machines
6Precision clamping tools
Clamping devices for toolmaking and control
7Concentricity gages
Concentricity gauges, bench centers for single and serial testing
8Bar-marking machines
Each turned part quits the production branded
9Magnetic clamping technology
Magnetic chucks and rotary magnetic chucks for metal processing
10Vacuum clamping technology
Vacuum clamping, vacuum plates for metal industry and plastics industry
11Freeze clamping technology
Ice clamping for damageable workpieces with no risk of distortion and without pressure
Further product ranges
Plasma nitriding technology
Distortion-free surface hardening for high-stressed components
Job order production
Production of parts for mechanical and precision engineering as well as for tool making
Special offers
Special offers, online-specials and price-reduced demonstration models