Mechanical centre-clamping vises MZC

Mechanical self-centering clamping vises MZC

The self-centering clamping vise series MZC is characterized by a completely encapsulated, massive and torsion-free construction. The cleaning effort resp. malfunction because of dirt and stuck chips will be minimized.

The large clamping width and the high clamping force enable the universal and flexible use on multi-axis machining centres.
Due to the optimized and compact design as well as the wide range of clamping jaw types an optimal accessibility to the workpiece for different customer needs respectively an optimal accessibility on different machine concepts can be reached.

The fixturing holes in the base of the centre-clamping vise make mounting a vise on any pallet and automation system easy.
On customer request a fully integrated version into exchange paletts such as System 3R, EROWA, HIRSCHMANN or ZeroClamp pallets is available.

The centre-clamping vise series MZC can be used when maximum centre and repetition precision are not necessary as well as for already pre-machined workpieces.

Self-centering clamping vise MZC


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Advantages at a glance

  • Massive and torsion-free, 100% encapsulated
  • High clamping force
  • Large clamping width
  • Maximum access

  • Wide range of clamping jaw types
  • Usage on automation solutions
  • First and second clamping
  • For unmachined and pre-machined workpieces

360° view mechanical  centre-clamping vise MZC 220-80 S

MZC type E

  • Centering accuracy ±0,015 mm
  • Repetition accuracy 0,01 mm
  • Pairing accuracy 0,01 mm
  • Hardened spindle
  • Material: modified steel, surface hardened
  • Functional surface precision grinded

MZC type S

  • Centering accuracy ±0,005 mm
  • Repetition accuracy 0,003 mm
  • Pairing accuracy 0,01 mm
  • Hardened and grinded spindle
  • Clearance-free, pre-loaded spindle bearing
  • Material: modified steel, surface hardened
  • Functional surfaces precision grinded

Description mechanical centre-clamping vise MZC

Description centre-clamping vise MZC

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(2x mm)
width (mm)*
force (N)**
Order no.Wish
MZC 220-80 E22080803018540000B200500114
MZC 220-80 S22080803018540000B200500112
MZC 280-100 E2801001004024550000B200500118
MZC 280-100 S2801001004024550000B200500116
MZC 360-125 E3601251255031070000B200500149
MZC 360-125 S3601251255031070000B200500147
* with reversible stepped jaws.
** Clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the jaws.

Dimensions mechanical
centre-clamping vise MZC

Plan mechanical centre-clamping vise MZC

Mechanical self-centering vise MZC
with pendulum jaws

Mechanical centre-clamping vise MZC with pendulum jaws

System overview mechanical centre-clamping vise MZC

System overview self-centering vises MZC