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Automated pallet changers, workpiece grippers as well as mobile robot systems for an efficient pallet- and workpiece automation. Highest reliability, robust technology for 24/7 production.


Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry operates under different conditions today than it did a few years ago. Customers are demanding shorter and shorter delivery times, and smaller and smaller series are in demand.

Products are to be manufactured with ever smaller tolerances, prices are constantly falling and competition is now global.
These new conditions must be met with increased flexibility, improved quality and increased productivity.

In the longer term, this can only be managed by automated production!

Automation takes monotonous and time-consuming work away from your highly skilled employees so they can focus on more demanding tasks.

In automated operation, your production runs around the clock – seven days a week.

+ Strengths:

  • Higher productivity
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Shorter lead time
  • Unit cost reduction
  • Faster return on investment


Pallet changer SP-APC 1

The SP-APC 1 pallet changer requires a minimum of floor space in front of the machine. With glass doors over one full side, the SP-APC 1 pallet changer provides maximum access to the magazine. This greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of pallets.
The system is easy to install and features a quick return on investment.

+ Strengths:

  • Compact design, 1200 × 1200 × 1870 mm
  • Economical, universally expandable
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all common CNC control units

This extremely compact automation system is a userfriendly pallet changer for the automatic changing of clamping devices or pallets on the machine tables.

Pallet changer SP APC 1 from Spreitzer

Tip: Installation, instruction and service by our system partners worldwide.

Pallet changer SP-APC 2

The SP-APC 2 automatic pallet changer offers maximum magazine capacity with a minimum footprint. The modular design means that the magazine capacity is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the customer’s needs. If you start with one pallet magazine, you can always add one or two more magazines.

The SP-APC 2 pallet changer is suitable for different processing machines and is equally efficient, in single part as well as series production.

The pallet changer is efficient both in single part production and in series production.

The generous magazine doors facilitate loading and unloading. The system is extremely user-friendly and easy to install.

+ Strengths:

  • Compact design, 1270 × 1735 × 2250 mm (depending on magazine type)
  • Universally expandable, 10 – 240 pallets (1 – 3 magazines)
  • C-axis 330° rotatable
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all common CNC control units


Pallet changer SP APC 2 from Spreitzer


Workpiece gripper

Workpiece gripper

With the help of the workpiece gripper, you use your existing machine tool as an automation cell.

The gripper, which is operated pneumatically or by means of cooling lubricant, is available in various designs. It is inserted into the machine from the tool store to transport workpieces from the workpiece rest into our power-operated clamping devices.

The workpiec gripper loads turning machines, milling machines, grinding machines, EDM machines and measureing machines.

The workpiece tray is placed on the machine table when required; during the day, individual parts can be produced on mechanical clamping devices.The optional compensation function protects the machine and gripper from tolerances and unevenness of the workpieces.

+ Strengths:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation
  • High gripping force, adjustable
Mobile robot system SP MR 1

Mobile robot system SP-MR 1

This mobile and compact automation system enables a quick entry into robot automation.

It supports and relieves employees, loads CNC machines or assembles components.

Automatic doors can be supplied for retrofitting to your existing processing machines.

The open, fence-free access allows flexible working.

The system is easy to install, can be used on multiple machines, and features a quick return on investment.

+ Strengths:

  • Compact design, 1200 × 800 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible use
  • Operation possible without barrier
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In automated operation, your production runs around the clock – seven days a week. We offer needs-based solutions for every automation requirement. Highly efficient, reliable and economical.