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Clamping elements for the EDM sector

EDM is an electroerosive material removal process, which is divided into the three main areas, drilling, wire-cutting or die-sinking EDM. Although a barely measurable force is exerted between the electrode and the workpiece, precise and repeatable positioning and clamping of the workpieces is nevertheless a basic prerequisite for maintaining the finest tolerance fields. Due to a wealth of experience of many decades, which is accompanied by permanent further development, SPREITZER can present solutions today that meet the highest requirements.

Depending on the EDM process and workpiece design, different clamping systems can be used. This includes, especially in die-sinking EDM, the universal clamping system, which, through extensions as a modular system, offers limitless application possibilities.

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This modular clamping kit uses a drilling system that takes into account three different grid types. Due to the high flexibility, the system can be used for large and small series at the same time. Due to their reusability, all modules can be combined to form ever new combinations.

The basic elements used are clamping cubes, angles and double angles as well as clamping cuboids. The nodular iron used for this purpose is characterized by its high vibration damping properties. Clamping bars, on the other hand, are made of quenched and tempered tool steel. All elements have hardened and fine ground surfaces.

Machining cycles on three and four axes can also be performed on EDM machines without having to reclamp the workpieces.

For this purpose, a CNC rotary table can be equipped with a corresponding clamping bridge.

All basic elements can be expanded with a wealth of special individual components, such as centre-clamping vises, hook clamps, front clamping claws, stops, support bars and support rollers, to name just the most important. Of course, this also includes pneumatically or hydraulically operated units.

EDM machines work primarily in the field of dimensionally accurate finishing. Accordingly, the clamping devices must be designed to be precise and repeatable. Precision clamping devices from Spreitzer take this aspect fully into account and favor fast reclamping of individual workpieces through simple clamping function.

The precision vise with movable and adjustable clamping jaw, can be mounted on T-slot tables, clamping bars or magnetic plates. In addition to horizontal versions, angle vises with degree divisions in two axes are also available. Other options include fixed center jaws for simultaneous clamping of multiple workpieces. For filigree individual parts, special mini vices, have been developed.

Three-jaw chucks are designed as precision spiral chucks and are used to hold round parts with repeatable accuracy. They can also be supplied with a mounting base plate. The repeatability has a maximum of 0.01 millimeters.
Collets offer another possibility for secure clamping of round parts.

The precision direct dividing head is used to perform counterboring, drilling or wire EDM operations under specified degrees.

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Magnetic chucks from Spreitzer, with permanent magnets or electromagnets, offer an established and extremely efficient clamping technology for workpieces with a high iron content. Different variations also help to further reduce setup times. The clamping technique also has the advantage of eliminating clamping pressure on the workpiece.

The horizontal clamping plate is used for the safe holding of workpieces with smooth and flat base surfaces as well as for base plates of clamping devices of any kind. This also includes horizontal round magnetic plates.

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