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We offer suitable solutions in the field of universal clamping systems that are as varied as they are diverse – we are ready for your requirements. The Universal Fixturing System is a modular construction kit that can be assembled, for example, from basic or clamping elements to form a clamping device.


Universal fixturing and clamping system

The Universal Clamping System is a modular clamping system based on a drilling system and offered in three different grid types. Different basic, clamping and support elements can be combined system-logically by detachable connections to form a device corresponding to the application.

The universal fixturing system is designed for single part as well as small batch production and with multiple clamping also for large batch production. Due to the reusability of the components, the universal clamping system can be used flexibly and cost-effectively.


Basic elements for universal fixturing system

Clamping cubes, clamping blocks and double angles are made of nodular cast iron and are therefore extremely stable, torsion-resistant and vibration-damping. In addition, clamping plates made of quenched and tempered and surface-hardened tool steel are available in various dimensions. The supporting and clamping surfaces of the base elements are precision ground.

Different designs can be individually adapted to the respective machine table.


Clamping plates with clamping cube

A wide range of clamping elements such as mechanical, pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic centric clamps as well as clamping block units, fixed block units, pull-down clamps and support clamps, allow distortion-free clamping. Various support strips, rollers and stops allow exact positioning on the base elements. Hook clamps, lever clamps and front clamps clamp the parts to be machined. Support blocks serve as support elements and stabilize the workpiece during the cutting process.

Figure: Machine-specific clamping plates with clamping cube


Clamping bridge with centrical base plate

CNC rotary tables are used for 3- and 4-sided machining as an optional 4th axis on vertical machining centers.

Both in single part or small batch production as well as in large batch production. By attaching a suitable clamping bridge to the CNC rotary table, 3- and 4-sided machining of several workpieces in one machining cycle is achieved.

Image: Tension bridge with cradle plate

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By using our products and services, our customers increase the productivity of their production by up to 100% and at the same time reduce their production costs to a large extent.