Freeze clamping technology

Patented freeze clamping technology

Freezing plate

The ice tray trapped into the freezer compartment or frost sticking to our windshield on winter morning, these are xamples of the strong adhesive power of ice.
The AMCC-freeze clamping technology is a patented, high-performance system that takes advantage of this property.
Originally designed to meet the needs of space industry workshops, icing plates have since become a necessity in all fields involving the manufacture of delicate parts (medical engineering, electrical engineering, watchmaking and jewellery industry, aerospace technology, precison mechanics).

Advantages of freeze | ice clamping

The sensitive parts are clamped without pressure – when clamping workpieces there is no risk of distortion or breakage.
Workpieces of any shape are firmly held in place (no more specific assemblies).

Also in each operation 5-axes machining is possible.
Any material can be clamped: metal, plastic, graphite, ceramics, honeycomb, fabric, neoprene, rubber.

Clamping with ice enables: 

  • Clamping without deformation
  • Clamping of damageable workpieces without putting pressure onto them
  • Clamping of smallest workpieces
Example ice clamping

For a metal workpiece the holding force of the freezing clamping plate is 150 N/cm².
100-150N/cm² with magnetic chuck and 10 N/cm² with vacuum clamping plate
>> High holding force 

After release of the workpieces, the ice has the advantage that no residues are left on the workpiece
>> No residues on the workpiece

Construction and use

Construction of freezing plate

Construction of the freezing clamping plate:

  1. Freezing plate
  2. Temperature control
  3. Switch for freezing or unfreezing
  4. Compressed air connection
Use of ice clamping plate

The compact and monoblock freezing clamping plates can be used very quickly:

  • Connect the plate to the air supply (pure, dry air)
  • Spray water on the freezing plate
  • Place the workpiece on it
  • Regulate the thermo switch
  • Press the switch for freezing or unfreezing

Examples customer workpieces of different materials

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