Magnetic clamping technology

Powerful clamping with magnetic plates, magnetic chucks

Magnetic clamping

The magnetic clamping or magnetic workholding can be used in a wide range of metal processing. Suitable for the daily use in grinding, milling, EDM and measuring. The magnetic technology enables high precision, distortion-free clamping and longevity.

  • Clamping with short setup time
  • Flexible and universal
  • Large holding force
  • High clamping force
  • Adapts to the contour of the workpiece
  • Precise quality

Overview magnetic clamping devices and accessories

Permanent magnetic round chucks

Permanent magnetic round chucks with reinforced ceramics magnetic system and Max-Pole pitch are used for clamping of massy and heavy work pieces.

The magnetic force can be regulated stagelessly; centred grooves, which are incorporated into the surface, make the alignment of the work piece easy. Further, a centre drilling can be brought in the surface.

Electro-permanent magnetic plates

Electro-permanent magnetic chucks. Different types and sizes available upon request. The magnetic chucks require only a short current pulse to switch and can be used autonomously. Without further energy consumption and troublesome connections.

  • Power generation by current pulse
  • Force bond by once-off input of energy
  • No heat deformation
  • Low residual magnetism
  • Extreme holding force
  • Palletizable

Palletizing magnetic clampling plates

Automation is indispensable also in mechanical processing. To keep machine downtime to a minimum, palletizing and zero-point clamping systems are used on EDM, milling and grinding machines.
This allows the user to clamp the workpiece already outside the machine, so that a supply of clamped work pieces can be created. The external clamping takes place on pallets, which can be grabbed in the machine. These pallets are then manually or automatically inserted into the machine. The magnetic clamping plates are suitable for use with pallet systems from all manufacturers.

For the production of self-supporting magnet plates, the reference elements can be installed directly into the magentic clamping plate. We also deliver finished magnet plates with original clamping and positioning elements for all systems. For heavy chipping and large workpieces we recommend electro-permanent square pole, in combination with UniLock-R zero point clamping systems.

Sinusodial benches | Sine tables

Sine table, sinusoidal benches are used for work precisely on angluar surfaces. With the use of end-gauges, you can adjust every angle.
Sinusoidal benches are used in tool making and fixture construction, where a 5 dry angular precision is needed.
We offer you very different standard devices or the possibility to get individual manufactured ones made under your specifications.
Individual manufactured devices can have permanent or electro-permanent clamping plates for grinding, milling, EDM or wirecutting. Always with 5 dry precision.

Laminated plates | Laminated blocks

Laminated top plates, laminated blocks are used together with magnetic chucks. If pieces of a very small material thickness, three-dimensional structure or with bad magnetic features can only be clamped difficultly or even not on a magnetic chuck, laminated plates offer additional possililities.
In laminated plates, pins can be insert and contours can be incorporated, or you employ them, e.g. with T-shaped pieces, as locating surface.
Plates with lamella are deposited or screwed easily onto the magnetic chuck, they are not magnetic themselves. Our top plates are, as far as different said, silver brazed and can therefore be mechanically machined in very way.

Magnetic clamping blocks | Magnetic clamping balls

Permanent magnetic clamping blocks have 2 or 3 magnetic clamping sides, which are not switchable. They are used for clamping of finest pieces or badly magnetisable material, like high-alloyed chrome steels or carbid metal. After processing, the block with the streched work piece can be taken compleatly from the machine for checking purposes. Magnetic clamping blocks are available as standard versions or as reinforced versions for heavy workpieces. They can be used for grinding, measuring and EDM.

Magnetic clamping balls in high quality are used for laserwelding, polishing and mounting in optimal working position. Depending on the workpiece geometry and the weight a swivel angle up to 90° can be setup.

Pole-reversal control units

Pole-reversal control unit

Electromagnetic clamping plates are used with pole-reversal control units for regulating the adhesion and to demagnetize the workpiece.
Pole-reversal control units can be delivered for placing on the table or embedding into a control cabinet.
You have to mind Voltage and performance of the magnet. SPSG-TG pole-reversal control units embedded into a control cabinet are ideal for additional installation of electro-permanent magnetic clamping plates with small effort. The machine is just plugged in at 230V. Power cable with Schuko plug and
hand lever are ivcluded in the scope of delivery.

Mobile and fixed pole extensions

Mobile and fixed pole extensions

Mobile and fixed pole extensions on the square pole clamping system allow the clamping of wavy and warped metal parts. They adapt to your workpiece and clamp it safe.
The points of contact between magnetic plate and workpiece can be defined individually. Also drill through and editing of inside edges of magnetically clamped workpieces is possible. In no time, it’s possible to add or remove polar extensions – so each workpiece in has its individual fixture in no time. For the five-side machining, the workpiece can be exempted with pole extensions. Our polar extensions are made of high quality steel and have the best magnetic flux properties – technically perfect and durable.

Short taper flanges

Short Taper Flange

Lathe chuck short taper flanges for flanging of round magnets on your spindle head. The flanges are finished machine-side and surfaced chuck-side. They are made of soft steal.

On request, we deliver our round chucks ready flanged.

For spindle heads with bayonet-disk-attachment (DIN 55027 | previously DIN 55022).
For spindle heads with camlock attachment (DIN 55029 | previously ASA B 5.9.D1).

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