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Mechanical centre-clamping vise MZQ

Innovative clamping solutions, especially
for the use on multi-axis machining centres.
The best centre-clamping vises for your
application since 1983.

  • Raw material clamping
  • Precision clamping
  • Multiple clamping
  • Suitable for automation

Our concentricity gages in diffenert sizes allow a precise runout inspection within a few seconds.
Without prior knowledge.
Right next to the machine.

  • High flexibility
  • Quick set-up time
  • For different geometries
  • High true running accuracy
Precision vise SP rust-resistant

Clamping tools for toolmaking and control. Precision vises for grinding machines, jig boring machines, precisions machines as well as universal clamping tool in the field of measuring and testing.

  • All-round precision ground
  • Pull-down system
  • No lifting of the workpiece
  • No virbration during machining

ALUMESS is a modular fixturing and palletizing system consisting of a large selection of different elements for the use on CMMs, on optical measuring systems and at the measuring station.
For an easy start up with the ALUMESS-system we have various starter kits.


Innovative and powerful solutions for your daily requirements.
Mechanically, phneumatically and hydraulically operated clamping devices for precise clamping on the machine table. Spreitzer clamping tools are suitable for:

  • Raw material clamping
  • Precision clamping
  • Pallet automation
  • Workpiece automation

Our core competence lies in mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic custom-made clamping devices. Furthermore welding jigs, grinding fixtures, measuring and testing fixture and assembly devices can be delivered. Examples customer projects:

  • Checking and manufacturing gauges
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Assembly automation
  • Conveyors for testing purposes
  • Measuring instruments

Magnetic chucks and rotary magnetic chucks can be used in a wide range of metal processing, f.ex. for grinding, milling, measuring or EDM works. Our product range includes permanent and electro-permanent magnetic chucks in square or round design.

  • Clamping with short setup time
  • High holding force
  • High precision

Vacuum plates, vacuum chucks ensure among others a process-safe clamping of large, flat metal workpieces. Vacuum clamping plates can be combined with mechanical clamping devices and are suitable for palletizing.

  • Easy clamping of large workpieces
  • Clamping with excellent precision
  • Clamping with short set-up times
  • High holding force

Ice clamping enables safe fixturing of very small or damageable workpieces without deformation. Workpieces of any shape can be held and machined without additional clamping devices. Freeze clamping technology is f. ex. suited for:

  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Watchmaking and jewellery industry
  • Precision engineering