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Grinding technology depending on rational clamping technology

In the field of metal-cutting machining, a significant proportion is accounted for by the finishing and fine machining operations known as “grinding”. A rough distinction can be made between “freehand grinding” and “forced-guided grinding processes”. The latter depend on a safe positioning of the workpiece to be machined. The focus is on problems to be solved in workpiece machining by horizontally acting grinding machines.

Various clamping techniques are used for this purpose, ranging from the familiar magnetic clamping plate to precision clamping devices. The following list from SPREITZER presents a summary of the most important clamping techniques used today in the field of grinding technology.

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This category includes a large field of mechanical clamping elements. The components manufactured by Spreitzer can be mounted directly on a magnetic plate or on a machine table or measuring table with T-slots. Precision vices, with different functions and designs, take up the largest area of these precision devices. These include models made of magnetisable yet corrosion-resistant chrome steel.

In addition to centring and multi-jaw vises, Spreitzer also offers vises with angle adjustment in two axes.

For grinding surfaces or recesses on round parts, also under different degrees, the precision direct dividing attachment has proven itself. Round parts can also be held in collets or three-jaw chucks, which are also held securely on a magnetic plate.

Mini vices, spring clamps or the punch circular grinder are further options for producing high-precision workpieces using surface grinding machines.

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This clamping technique, which has been tried and tested for decades, is carried out by means of permanent or electromagnets. In all cases, the magnetic force acts on workpieces with a maximum iron content. High-alloy steel, such as V2A, is not attracted by magnets.

The great advantage for the “grinding” area with this clamping technology is first of all the extremely short set-up time. It simply consists of placing the cleaned contact surface of the workpiece on the cleaned magnetic clamping plate and switching on the magnet. Flat magnets have a long service life and maximum flexibility with regard to the areas of application. Added to this are the advantages of high clamping forces. In addition to flat magnets in many sizes, Spreitzer also has round magnets and magnetic sinusoidal tables in its range.

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Vacuum plates are not dissimilar in their mode of operation to the magnetic chucks described above. Here, too, an extremely short set-up time is achieved by means of adhesion. However, the clamping force or holding force is generated by a vacuum. Therefore this technology is also suitable for V2A steels as well as all non-ferrous metals and plastics. The modular design developed by Spreitzer further extends the flexibility, which includes any combination of different product versions.

In order to be able to securely clamp even complex workpieces with openings and large bores, the corresponding points are sealed with a sealing cord. This also includes workpieces with large distances between the individual contact surfaces. The seal can be positioned close to the edges of the contact surface, which minimises or even prevents clamping force losses.

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This is a technology whose mode of action is already evident from its name. The freeze clamping technology favours absolutely distortion-free clamping. This is a condition that is primarily reserved for workpieces with high sensitivity to pressure and deformation. Dependencies on material types are also non-existent here. Another advantage is the possibility of machining relatively small workpieces that cannot be clamped by other clamping methods.

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Grinding at Spreitzer in Gosheim
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