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Clamping technology in automation

In the field of automation, clamping techniques are required which must perform an independent but fully integrated function within the automatic manufacturing process. This concerns a variety of specific designs with different modes of action, which must correspond to the respective machining technology. But also special fixtures and universal clamping systems are of concern here.

The units developed and produced by Spreitzer meet the highest demands and are adapted to the latest state of automation.

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High-quality special clamping devices with pneumatic and hydraulic drives are developed by SPREITZER for individual applications. Depending on the requirements, positioning and clamping accuracy within 0.003mm can be achieved.

The range of application includes machining centers as well as the wide field of special purpose machines. This includes fixtures for CNC machining, which also includes NC rotary tables and CNC rotary tables. Welding and grinding fixtures, measuring and testing fixtures, assembly fixtures and specific additional functions complete the range.

Rotary units, rotary couplings and rotary distributors are used to bring liquids or gases into the rotating workpieces or assemblies. For machines, devices as well as in other technical systems, they form a decisive component in automation. Special designs and the development of individual solutions are also an integral part of the product range here.

As a modular clamping system, with a hole pattern in three different types, this system can also be used in automated large-scale production using a wide range of clamping components. All parts are reusable, allowing maximum flexibility.

These accurate and repeatable precision machine vices can be driven mechanically, pneumatically, hydraulically, as well as electromechanically, and allow for precise workpiece machining on rotary axes or specified symmetries.

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This section includes all clamping systems that work with jaws, collets or chucks.

These include adjustable single and double precision vices, multiple vises, three-jaw chucks and collets in various designs. In automatic production, these components are operated pneumatically, hydraulically or electromechanically.

To reduce set-up times by up to 90%, SPREITZER offers the mechanical zero point clamping system. Stationary clamping systems can be changed in just a few steps with a central clamping screw. The positioning accuracy is 0.005 or less than 0.01 millimeters.

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The loading and unloading of processing machines, which also includes a modular pallet changing system, takes a special position in automatic production. Here, SPREITZER focuses on maximum variability of the clamping devices. This allows versions of the centre-clamping vises to be completely integrated into or onto interchangeable plates from a wide range of manufacturers.

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As part of unmanned machining, automatic changing of clamping jaws and mold jaws is also required as a last consequence. The system from SPREITZER works self-locking and interlocks itself automatically.

This is a compact centering, clamping and parts unit with hydraulic drive. The high-precision positioning has a tolerance of +/- 0.003 millimeters. Five- and multi-axes machining as well as simultaneous palletizing of the workpiece carriers are possible. The core piece is a clamping bridge between two support cheeks with radial torsion.

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Magnetic clamping technology is based on particularly economical clamping technology of magnetic surface adhesion. The workpieces are clamped only by a switch movement.

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Vacuum clamping technology is based on particularly economical clamping technology of surface adhesion by a generated vacuum. The workpieces are clamped only by a switch movement.

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