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Spreitzer Produktbereich Spanntechnik Universal Spannsysteme WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS

Due to increased requirements for clamping fixtures and clamping devices in use on automated manufacturing solutions, we offer wireless communication technology for our clamping solutions as the basis for process-reliable machining.


offers the decisive advantage. Various states can be detected by sensors, which in turn are connected to a transmitter unit.
This transmits the signal wirelessly through Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to the gateway in the control cabinet of the machine. Here, the signals are received, processed and visualized.

+ Strengths:

  • Monitoring the clamping situation during machining
  • Process-safe clamping on pallets
  • Visualization and evaluation of the received data
  • No disturbing cables due to radio transmission
  • Retrofitting of older machines and plants

Examples for wireless sensoring components from SPREITZER:

Components of wireless sensoring system

1. Sensors
2. Wireless pressure switch
3. Transmitting unit

4. Transmitting unit – longlife
5. Gateway

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In automated operation, your production runs around the clock – seven days a week. We offer needs-based solutions for every automation requirement. Highly efficient, reliable and economical.