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Versatile clamping solutions for modern machining centers. Our centric clamps, self-centering vises, compact clamps, double clamps as well as automation vises and alternative clamping technology components have been regarded for years as innovative and powerful solutions on state-of-the-art machining centers. We are ready for your requirements.


The compact mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic as well as electromechanical centre-clamping vises enable the exact machining of workpieces to the specified axis of symmetry or rotation.

Our presence on the market since 1983 and the experience we have gained as a result enable our customers to access the unique variety of sizes and construction variants on the market.

SPREITZER self-centering vises are used as a high-quality solution for conventional and CNC-controlled manufacturing tasks on various machine tools as well as production systems.

The best centre-clamping vises for your application since 1983.

+ Our centric vises at a glance

  • Mechanical
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electromechanical
  • Available jaw widths 15 – 160 mm
  • Available lengths 50 – 500 mm

Centric vises, also known as centering vises or centric clamps, are essential tools used in machining and metalworking processes. These vises are designed to securely hold workpieces in a machine while ensuring precise centering and alignment.

Centre-clamping vises typically consist of a base, a movable jaw, and a clamping mechanism. The base is securely attached to the machine table, providing stability and support. The movable jaw can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes.

One of the key features of centric vises is their centering capability. The jaws of these vises are designed to move in a coordinated manner, ensuring that the workpiece is precisely centered within the vise. This centering feature is crucial for achieving accurate machining results and minimizing errors.

Centric vises are commonly used in milling, drilling, and other machining operations where precise alignment and stability are required. They are particularly useful when working with round or cylindrical workpieces that need to be accurately centered for machining.

These vises offer several benefits, including easy setup and adjustment, excellent clamping force, and repeatability. They provide a reliable and secure grip on the workpiece, allowing for efficient and precise machining. Additionally, many centric vises have built-in features such as quick-change systems or swivel bases, further enhancing their versatility and usability.


Our mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic as well as electromechanical compact vises enable a safe and exact clamping of workpieces to the specified fixed stop.

+ Strengths

  • Compact design, maximum accessibility
  • Large clamping width due to reversible top jaws
  • Highest flexibility


With the help of our double vises, two workpieces are clamped securely and precisely against a central fixed stop. Due to the special bearing of the spindle, workpieces with a length difference of up to 2 mm can be accommodated.

+ Strengths

  • Clamping of two workpieces against fixed stop
  • Large clamping width due to reversible top jaws
  • Highest flexibility


SPREITZER offers clamping solutions for automation systems. The mounting hole pattern on the underside of our centre-clamping vises, compact vises, double vises enable an easy mounting on standard palletizing systems, zero-point systems and reference systems. Furthermore we offer completely integrated versions – automation vises – for automation systems of different manufacturers. The base body of the vise is designed with the contour of the resp. pallet gripper / gripper system.

Examples for automation vises:

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By using our products and services, our customers increase the productivity of their production by up to 100% and at the same time reduce their production costs to a large extent.