Clamping technology at Spreitzer
Clamping and clamping technology


Versatile clamping jaw variants for different customer requirements. Our wide selection guarantees you the best possible solutions.

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Clamping jaws for clamping technology at Spreitzer


Wide range for a secure hold.

Clamping jaws, soft

Soft clamping jaws

Soft block clamping jaws

Soft block clamping jaws

For self-production of mold jaws or for clamping of molded parts.

Step jaws, ground

Grounded step jaws

Step turning jaws, ground

Grounded step turning jaws

For clamping finished parts or for use in the second clamping.

Step jaws with HM coating

Step jaws with HM coating

Step turning jaws with HM coating

Step turning jaws with HM coating

High holding force due to increased friction factor. The workpiece surface is not damaged.

Step jaws, coarse with coating

Step jaws with coarse HM coating

Step turning jaws with clamping bar, coarse with coating / HM coating

Step turning jaws with coarse HM coating

For clamping hard raw material. The hardened and coated surface of the clamping jaws penetrates the workpiece surface during the clamping process.

Pull-down pendulum jaws

Pull-down pendulum jaws
Pull-down pendulum jaws

Angular errors of several millimeters can be compensated with the pull-down pendulum jaws.

Prism jaws

Prism jaws
Prism jaws

Prism jaws hardened and ground for clamping round workpieces.

Workpiece blank stress


Secure clamping of blanks without pre-stamping

Workpiece blank clamping or machining requires new and innovative clamping solutions, especially on multi-axis machining centers. The high inherent rigidity, the optimum guide ratio and the powerful spindle result in high and effectively acting clamping forces.

Process-safe clamping with Grip(s)

  • No embossing station necessary. Embossing and clamping take place in a single operation
  • High holding forces due to material-specific grip jaws
  • Less material required due to clamping depth of only 4 mm
  • Highest machining quality due to distortion-free clamping and less vibration
Customized centric clamping fixture
Customized centric clamping fixture


Customized clamping jaws

Do you need workpiece-specific clamping jaws for your production?
In OEM quality – competent, fast and flexible.

We manufacture form-fit workpiece clamping jaws using the latest manufacturing methods. Machining or non-cutting individually for your workpieces and according to your requirements. Especially for fine, small contours, production in 3D rapid prototyping is particularly economical.

Realization in 5 steps

1 You send us your 2D or 3D STEP data of the workpiece with background information about the necessary machining positions and the possible interference contour.

2 You provide us with the type of vise you use and, if necessary, the manufacturer.

3 Choose from different materials and surfaces:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Surface hardened
  • Ground
  • HM coated
  • etc.

4 We select the appropriate manufacturing process. (3D Rapid Prototyping, 3D Milling)

5 We will provide you with a detailed quotation including price and delivery time of your individual clamping jaws.

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By using our products and services, our customers increase the productivity of their production by up to 100% and at the same time reduce their production costs to a large extent.

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