Measuring and testing at Spreitzer in Gosheim
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Clamping systems in the field of measuring and testing

A wide range of clamping devices are used not only in the extensive field of machining. To ensure precise positioning, various devices are also required for manual or automatic measuring and testing, which must meet the highest standards. Only accurate intermediate and final inspection can ensure the delivery of defect-free products.

For this purpose, the Spreitzer company provides precision clamping equipment and fixtures which, thanks to a long innovative development path as well as many years of testing in practice, present themselves in the highest perfection and versatility. A distinction is made between five main categories:


Clamping technology

For special fixtures, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are in the foreground. Pneumatically and hydraulically operated systems are primarily used for automatic measuring and testing procedures. Combinations with CNC rotary tables are also considered in perfectly coordinated concepts for measuring and testing fixtures.

A basic condition for the optimal creation of special fixtures is an uncomplicated, open and close cooperation, as it has been practised by SPREITZER for decades. This also includes the inclusion of already existing systems or the construction of specific units which can be taken over by the customer in his own construction. Individual additional functions are also an important addition to automation for special fixtures. These include:

  • Adjustable clamping positions
  • Workpiece insertion chicanes
  • Workpiece press-on handling
  • Swivelling clamping positions
  • and many more.

Rotating unions are always used when rotating assemblies have to be supplied with liquids or gases, which also includes the area of fixtures. SPREITZER develops and manufactures rotating unions, rotary distributors and rotary connectors for specific application areas as well as according to customer specifications.

Under this name SPREITZER offers a flexible modular system, which was specially developed for precise workpiece fixing on measuring machines. A perforated plate or grid plate is used to hold the clamping elements.

The modular system ensures repeatable and reproducible positioning of a wide variety of workpieces regardless of shape or material. The design takes into account coordinate measuring machines as well as optical measuring devices of all industries.

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Testing devices and measuring instruments

Measuring and testing at Spreitzer from Gosheim
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