Mechanical centre-clamping vises MZE

Mechanical self-centering clamping vises MZE

This centre-clamping vise series is used always when maximum centre and repetition precision are not necessary. It is especially designed for raw material clamping or on unmachined part machining on multi-axis machining centres and is used as an economic centre-clamping vise solution for work on pallets or automation systems.

Mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE


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Advantages at a glance

  • Maximum access and wide clamping range
  • Suitable for external and internal clamping
  • Interchangeable clamping jaws
  • Material: modified steel, surface hardened
  • Functional surface precision grinded

  • Hardened spindle
  • Ground-in base jaws
  • Centering accuracy ±0,015 mm
  • Repetition accuracy 0.01 mm
  • Pairing accuracy 0,02 mm

360° view mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE 170-60

360° view mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE 170-60 with center jaw

Description mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE

Description centre-clamping vise MZE

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(2x mm)
width (mm)*
force (N)**
Order no.Wish
MZE 50-15 VA***5015 (38)3912265000B200500168
MZE 50-20 VA***5020 (38)2912265000B200500144
MZE 80-36803650184016000B200500044
MZE 80-36 VA ***803650184016000B200500055
MZE 120-361203650398016000B200500175
MZE 120-601206082194030000B200500122
MZE 150-801508092256440000B200500177
MZE 170-601706082449030000B200500038
MZE 190-1001901001143810050000B200500179
MZE 220-8022080925713040000B200500062
MZE 240-1252401251404813070000B200500135
MZE 280-1002801001148219050000B200500040
MZE 360-12536012514010825070000B200500042
MZE 500-125 50012514017839070000B200500131
* with step jaws 89°
** Clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the jaws.
*** corrosion resistant.

Dimensions mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE

Plan mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE

Mechanical centre-clamping vises MZE VA

Mechanical centre-clamping vises MZE VA

System overview mechanical centre-clamping vise MZE

System overview mechanical self-centering vise MZE