Pneumatic compact vises PS

Pneumatic compact vises PS

Clamping against a fixed jaw. Due to the pneumatic operation of this vise series the clamping process can be shortened or completely automated by the use of industrial robots.
For use in 24/7 automation cells a central lubrication system can be offered.

The pneumatic compact vise PS is equipped with a blocking air connection. So if necessary, additional blocking air offers protection against the permeation of coolants and dirt.

Pneumatic compact vise PS


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Advantages at a glance

  • Short clamping time
  • High clamping accuracy
  • Built-in version upon request
  • Material: modified steel surface hardened
  • Finish: functional surface precision grinded

  • Ground-in and clearance-free adjusted
    base jaws
  • Repetition accuracy 0,003 mm
  • Pairing accuracy 0,01 mm

Description pneumatic compact vise PS

Description pneumatic compact vise PS

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(1x mm)*
force (N)
Order no.Wish
PS 140-6014060894108000B202000006
PS 200-802008012981024000B202000008
* With soft block jaws
MOP= Maximum Operating Pressure

Dimensions pneumatic compact vise PS

Plan pneumatic compact vise PS